MicroFD® With LyoSIM® and LyoPAT®

Proven to Develop Transferable Protocols

The MicroFD with LyoSIM and LyoPAT does more than larger lab freeze dryers do and with fewer vials. The MicroFD provides all critical process parameters AND provides heat flux measurement utilizing AccuFlux®. Using significantly fewer vials (ie 19 vials if using a 10R serum vial)  means you use less active pharmaceutical ingredient and you save time and money with extensively shorter set-up and downtime.


– Takes the guesswork out of protocol development.

– Uses less valuable of your valuable product for R&D.

– R&D and cycle transfer with as few as 7 vials.

– Determines Kv, Rp and other critical process parameters.

What Does LyoSim Do?

The patent pending LyoSIM ring is a closely coupled temperature source that can simulate center vials or the edge effect for process analysis.

The LyoSIM ring temperature is controlled based on the product temperature to either simulate sublimating center vials or to simulate edge vial effects. In both cases, the close coupling of the LyoSIM ring results in far superior results than simply controlling the wall temperature.

See how the MicroFD can help you with protocol development, cycle optimization and cycle transfer

Watch the video presentation below, that introduces the new MicroFD & LyoPAT technology.

Interested in MicroFD®?

LyoPAT: Analyze -> Optimize -> Transfer

– LyoPAT determines all of the critical process parameters (CPPs) for your freeze drying process, in a single run.

– LyoPAT provides dynamic closed loop process control of Freezing and Primary Drying.

– LyoPAT incorporates controlled nucleation and heat flow control during freezing that produces an ice crystal structure that is more favorable to sublimation and controls the product temperature during primary drying.

Top down view of MicroFD chamber with LyoSim blocks

LyoPAT controls allow you, the end user, to select the various methods available for both freezing & primary drying.

Product Temperature – Control by either Thermocouple or AccuFlux (Heat Flow)

Nucleation – Controlled Nucleation or no induced nucleation

Freezing – Controlled by a recipe or AccuFlux (Heat Flow)

Drying – Controlled by a recipe or AccuFlux (Heat Flow)


Take the guess work out of your freeze drying process! LyoPAT enables you to continuously monitor your entire freeze drying process:


– Nucleation

– % of Ice Formed During Nucleation

– Control the Crystal Growth Rate

– Determine the End of Freezing

Primary Drying

– Kv and Rp

– Mass Flow

– Product Temperature (without a thermocouple)

– End of Primary Drying

Interested in MicroFD®?

New Millrock Batch Reporter

A New Intuitive Controller

Utilize Analyze Mode and operate the MicroFD with your existing freeze drying cycle.  The MicroFD will execute your run and report on all critical process parameters.

LyoPAT is the only Process Analytical Technology that can determine the critical process parameters in any freeze dryer for your specific application. Protocol transfer is simplified!

If process improvement is your goal….LyoPAT enables you to monitor and control the freezing and drying processes to determine the effect of different protocols on product temperature and primary drying times.

– Compare your current freezing and drying protocols to new ones.

– Test the effect of controlling crystal growth during freezing.

– Test the effect of controlled nucleation.

– Test the effect of changing shelf temperatures and vacuum levels during primary drying on your product temperature and mass flow rate.

Utilize Optimize mode and the MicroFD will utilize a control feedback loop to optimize the the freeze drying run.  You can choose which control feedback mechanisms you wish to engage in the program.

Interested in MicroFD®?

A Series of Experiments Showing the Progression of Cycle Development in a MicroFD

Run 1:   Previously utilized freeze drying cycle that analyzes the heat flux and other critical parameters.

Run 2:  The addition of Controlled Nucleation creating a more homogenous product crystalline structure that also allows heat flow events to be amplified because they happen within the same time frame of one another.

Run 3:  Illustrates the addition of post nucleation AccuFlux heat flow control. This helps control crystal size and thus has an effect on cake resistance to vapor flow.

Run 4:  All MicroFD with LyoSIM and LyoPAT tools are used to optimize the freeze drying cycle resulting in a time reduction of 60% from the Step 1 cycle.

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