Innovative Freeze Dryer Solutions

Not all freeze dryers are created equal. LyoPro Advanced Tray Freeze Dryers combine advanced LyoPAT freeze drying tools into a simple, easy to operate freeze dryer. Field testing the LyoPro Freeze Dryers has created a robust freeze dryer platform customized for the needs of research scientists in charge of formulation development and survey, cycle optimization and cycle transfer.

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Advanced Control Technologies

Millrock Technology is pleased to offer robust, technologically innovative advanced freeze dryer control for all of your freeze drying processes/lyophilization process needs, including: Opti-Dry® Freeze Drying Control, LyoPAT® New Technology for R&D and Cycle Transfer, AccuFlux, Auto-Dry, Millrock Reporter.

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Pharmatech  has an outstanding experience in the design, construction and validation of any size or type of project in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Healthcare fields.

We offer a complete range of services for any type of Pharma facility, covering the following activities:
Consultancy (GMP audit/GAMP analysis, Project URS preparation, Assistance to Site Selection, Site Master Planning, Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design, Process Simulation – Construction Management)
Engineering & Construction (Basic Design, Detailed Engineering, Project Management, Project Control, Procurement, Construction Management)
Handover (Commissioning, Qualification/Validation, Start-up & training).


Our service team’s goal is to keep your unit up and running 24/7.

Freeze Drying is the only thing we do. Our people have deep knowledge of the product and operation of freeze drying equipment. When you call Millrock you speak to someone who has experience building and operating the equipment. Our freeze drying support staff can quickly answer your questions, saving you time.

Other companies have geographically separated their sales and service centers and require their employees to sell and support multiple product lines, which greatly diminishes their ability to provide answers. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness and product knowledge.

Pharmatech offers a full range of services for any type of pharmaceutical plants, covering the following activities: GMP Audits, GAMP analysis, URS preparation and more

Advanced level for production and R&D personnel. Introductory level for production operators and maintenance personnel of Freeze-Dryng System.

Pharmatech provide services in compliance with European EMEA’s GMP and FDA’s cGMP requirements for pharma and biopharma companies. Validation programs management and excution for production and cleaning processes.

In order to otpimize costs, the maintenance processes management imposes definite choices for adopting policies and techniques. Main Maintenance methodologies- Preventive Maintenance- Contingent Maintenance- On-Condition or Predictive Maintenance.

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