Freeze Drying Control – Recipe Programming OptiDry

Millrock Technology has taken freeze drying control to a new level by offering the OptiDry – PC/PLC control as a standard feature while other freeze dryer manufacturers provide a limited proprietary microprocessor control system.

Our PC/PLC based platform communicates via Ethernet for high speed data collection and control, allowing the system to be monitored and controlled from either a single PC or any PC on a network.

The Synoptic Screen provides all system information on a single screen for easy system review.

Freeze Drying Control – Recipe Programming OptiDry provides 10 freezing steps, 16 primary drying steps and 1 secondary drying step. The recipe controls the vacuum and shelf temperature while providing the ability to ramp and hold. The software provides all the necessary overload alarms and control to prevent damage to the product. Alarm settings include condenser overload, vacuum overload, and power outage.

Manual The system may be operated manually by turning on individual features and setting control points. Features which may be activated and deactivated include the condenser, shelf temperature, vacuum, isolation valve (if installed), vacuum release, etc…

Defrost To defrost, the user simply enters the time period for which to heat the condenser.

System Test An automatic system test will log the time required for critical steps which can be used to judge system performance, including; shelf freezing, condenser cooling, vacuum pull-down, and shelf heating. Test setup parameters and test data results can be stored and retrieved.

Leak Rate Test* The system leak rate test can be used to determine system integrity. The user can set the vacuum level and length of time for the test. *Leak rate testing is not supplied on Stellar Series units.

Graphing Graphic information, real-time or historic, can be displayed.

Calibration One step thermocouple calibration is provided. The calibration values can be stored for future use, such as after installing updates.

Opti-Dry® Standard Features

  • Manual and Automatic Modes
  • 21CFR Part11 Compliant Software Option
  • PC/PLC Platform with Ethernet Communication
  • Windows Based Control Software
  • 10 Freezing and 16 Primary Drying Steps
  • System Status on Every Screen
  • Synoptic Overview Screen
  • Maintenance/Troubleshooting Screen
  • Automatic System Test with History Data Storage
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Automatic Leak Rate Test
  • Graphing – 4 and 24 Hour
  • Numeric Data Collection by Run – Excel Importable
  • ‘Out of Range’ Product Thermocouple Correction
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Capability
  • 4 to 16 Thermocouples
  • Product Temperature Feedback optimizes the recipe, both freezing and primary drying
  • Primary Drying End Point Determination Methods:
    – Product Temp
    – Capacitance Manometer Differential
    – Dew Point
    – Pressure Rise

21 CFR Part 11 Software Option

  • Data Encryption
  • E-Signature’s with Change Log
  • Batch reporting
  • Provides multiple levels of security



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