The next generation of Single Use Bioreactor

Nucleo, the next generation range of Single Use Bioreactor, offers a complete turn-key solution to cell culturists as an alternative to conventional SIP Bioreactors to shorten timelines, reduce budget and increase flexibility.

User benefits

  • perfectly adapted to the cultivation of suspended and adherent cells at very high densities and compatible with batch, fed-batch and perfusion processes
  • cube-shaped design incorporating a patented mixing paddle with a dynamic sparger device

– Superior mixing capabilities with drastically reduced shear stress

– Superior oxygenation and high KLa with minimum gas volume

  • customizable system (modular or fully integrated configuration)
  • five standard interchangeable bags, from 20 to 1000 L w/v plus custom bags on request
  • single-use bag technology

– Integrity™ TK8 film with validation package – All contact surfaces of same ATMI medical grade ULDPE material

– No need for CIP/SIP

– Minimise all cross contamination risks

  • Neptune™ control system with intuitive graphical user interface and advanced functionalities (profile, calculation, off-line data and strategy modules) suitable for Research & Development or production
  • Micro-PLC – PC based Control technology ensuring robustness and reliability to the system
  • software developed from non-proprietary platforms (WinCC, iFix, InTouch) complying with GMP requirements (21 CFR PART 11) and GAMP 5
  • remote supervision and maintenance of multiple bioreactors via Ethernet™ network
  • optional test and documentation package for GLP / GMP environment (FS, HDS, SDS, FAT / SAT Protocols), supporting qualification activities.


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