storage of raw materials and purified water

An expert of sterile pharmaceutical forms, Pierre Guérin has developed a range of vessels from 100 L up to 40 000 L w/v dedicated to the storage of raw materials and purified water, product transfers and the aseptic holding before filling.

User benefits

To meet the required process functionality and expected performance of your process vessels and to achieve compliance with technical / regulatory specifications, Pierre Guerin provides you with:

  • expertise in design and manufacturing according to the highest requirements and standards such as ASME BPE and various construction codes (CODAP, ASME, AD-MERKBLAT, BRITISH STANDARD);
  • advanced design and calculation tools including INVENTOR CAD system for full 3D design, SOLID WORKS for mechanical calculations, mixing and cleaning flow models, seismic calculation software;
  • large choice of agitation systems to suit any mixing need and product characteristic – Testing tools also available;
  • excellence in manufacturing and inspections: electro-polished finish down to 0.2 µm Ra, controlled Ferrite content, full material and welding traceability;
  • extensive vessel production capabilities (180 000 h per annum) providing you with the assurance of on time delivery;
  • comprehensive test program (coverage and drainability tests included) and quality documentation (Project Quality Plan, manufacturing & inspection file, Factory Acceptance Test protocol) supporting your qualification activities.

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