An expert of sterile pharmaceutical forms

An expert of sterile pharmaceutical forms, Pierre Guérin has developed a range of vessels from 100 L up to 15 000 L w/v dedicated to the formulation of liquid and pastry products.

User benefits

To meet the required process functionality and expected performance of your process vessels and to achieve compliance with technical / regulatory specifications, Pierre Guerin provides you with:

  • Expertise in design and manufacturing according to the highest requirements and standards such as ASME BPE and various construction codes (CODAP, ASME, AD-MERKBLAT, BRITISH STANDARD);
  • Advanced design and calculation tools including INVENTOR CAD system for full 3D design, SOLID WORKS for mechanical calculations, mixing and cleaning flow models, seismic calculation software;
  • Large choice of agitation systems to suit any mixing need and product characteristic – Testing tools also available;
  • Excellence in manufacturing and inspections: electro-polished finish down to 0.2 µm Ra, controlled Ferrite content, full material and welding traceability;
  • Extensive vessel production capabilities (180 000 h per annum) providing you with the assurance of on time delivery;
  • Comprehensive test program (coverage and drainability tests included) and quality documentation (Project Quality Plan, manufacturing & inspection file, Factory Acceptance Test protocol) supporting your qualification activities.

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Stefano Montagnoli - CEO
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Sanesi Paolo - Technical Director
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