The Top of bioreactors

The Tryton i series of Bench Top bioreactors represent the state of the art response to the evolution of your biotech process by combining the ergonomics and the specific functionalities required by laboratory applications and its unique robustness gained from industrial design (Stainless steel control cabinet, Micro-PLC and User Interface with 17’’ Touch-Screen Panel PC).

User Benefits

  • Six standard interchangeable vessels, from 1 to 18 L w/v for microbial or cell culture, plus custom vessels on request such as Air-Lift systems;
  • Ergonomic, modular and compact system for easy installation and maintenance;
  • Neptune™ Control system with intuitive graphical user interface (17’’ Touch screen Panel PC) and advanced functionalities (Profile, calculation, off-line data and strategy modules) suitable for Research & Development or small scale production;
  • Micro-PLC – PC based Control technology ensuring robustness and reliability to the system;
  • Software developed from non-proprietary platforms (LabWindows, iFix, InTouch) complying with GMP requirements (21 CFR PART 11) and GAMP 5;
  • Remote supervision and maintenance of multiple bioreactors via Ethernet™ network;
  • Optional test and documentation package for GLP / GMP environment (FS, HDS, SDS, FAT / SAT Protocols), supporting qualification activities.

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